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Innsena is consulting firm solely focused on strengthening the market position of companies driving improvement in healthcare.

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Who we are

Innsena is a strategy-first, go-to-market consulting firm for healthcare.

We leverage market positioning, market access, public relations, and relationship building to develop initiatives that address your primary business goals – including rapid growth, market education, health policy, and more.

We build and execute custom programs based on a holistic view of your business, current market conditions, and near- and long-term business goals.

Public Affairs & Market Access

Innsena has a specialty team focused on public affairs and market access for the healthcare technology industry. This senior team, experienced in government affairs, supports companies interested in market expansion via state and quasi-governmental channels.

Much like our approach to go-to-market for the private sector, Innsena’s approach to market access is unique. We leverage public affairs and advocacy work tightly coordinated with business development activities.

We drive market access as a fully integrated program. We will consider standalone advocacy and public affairs efforts on a case-by-case basis.

We represent both for-profit and non-profit entities, but Innsena only takes on market access and public affairs clients we believe align with our mission to further US healthcare interoperability.


  • Market access
  • Advocacy
  • Public affairs
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product positioning

Healthcare Communications

Fueling awareness, demand and credibility for purpose-driven healthcare tech, biotech, payer and pharma brands.

We are a strategy-first B2B communications agency with expertise in brand identity, public relations and marketing. No matter your size or growth stage, we are committed to doing memorable work that meets your business goals. We’ve helped more than 100 health tech companies grow through long-range strategic planning and tactical execution on plans. With an agile structure, we get up to speed quickly, pivot when needed, and are trusted to get the job done – full transparency and no pass-offs. Ever.

Relationships are everything when it comes to pursuing your business goals.

Our consultants have worked almost exclusively in the healthcare market, from positions embedded in local, state, and federal government to private health technology companies small and large. We provide counsel based on what has worked and not worked specifically for your target audience.

Use Cases

Common business challenges of our clients.

  • Rapid growth
  • Internal alignment
  • Market education
  • Reputation management
  • Mass market perception change
  • Market launch or new market entry
  • Policy shaping
  • Seeking funding – private or government
  • M&A and exit strategy

Fully integrated strategy paired with our consultants’ expertise helps us all prioritize the most effective path to success – no matter what services you engage with us.

  • Market positioning
  • Market access
  • Sales enablement
  • Public relations

Big in talent.

Small by design.

Our team is comprised of senior specialists who each bring more than 10 years of industry experience to accounts. That means you get dedicated teams who understand your market, onboard quickly, know where you should be and when, deliver insights and straight talk. We keep projects moving forward without handholding. At the end of the day, we deliver results that earn trust and lift your brand.

As a boutique firm, we believe small is big, bold and beautiful. So we manage our time and resources just as we do yours: with great economy.

Welcome, hustlers.

At Innsena, we work with, for and alongside great people. All from the comfort of home—or neighborhood cafe or nearest flexible workspace. That makes our work not only interesting and meaningful, but also a hell of a lot more fun.

As a virtual boutique firm for health tech’s innovators, we don’t just pay lip service to work-life balance. We understand the things that matter like sleep, flexible hours, relationships and peace of mind. We manage our jobs and our families because we are bosses. And we believe in having it all.

After so many years of traditional agency and corporate structures, we left the churn and burn to try something different:

  • We are more horizontal in structure than vertical.
  • We believe in collaboration as a way to grow our capabilities and solve tough challenges for our clients.
  • We stand for many things—but most importantly, for each other.
  • By treating each other with respect, we build trust and loyalty that positively impact our client work.

If this sounds like your anthem, you might be one of us.

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