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Innsena is leading the charge in cancer innovation with a $100,000 contribution to CancerX, a digital innovation accelerator launched by the White House’s Cancer Moonshot initiative. Join us in revolutionizing digital innovations in cancer care accessibility and treatment opportunities.

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Fully integrated strategy paired with our consultants’ expertise helps prioritize the most effective path to success.



Relationships are everything.

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Is based on what has worked based on our experience through daily exposure to stakeholders, influencers, blockers and legislators.

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Have worked almost exclusively in the healthcare market, from positions in state and federal government to private digital health companies to health systems to payers.


Battle of the Bots

Battle of the Bots

As payment denial rates climb to record highs, driven in part by AI-powered robots, health systems are fighting back. Senior Director Jeni Williams explores how in this cover article for HFMA’s hfm magazine.…
Remote Success in Healthcare PR with Erin George

Remote Success in Healthcare PR with Erin George

Host Adam Riggs was joined by Erin George, a seasoned PR professional from Innsena, to explore the evolving landscape of remote work in the healthcare sector. In the episode, Erin…
What's in a Name? by Selena Chavis

What's in a Name? by Selena Chavis

Stakeholders weigh in on new AHIMA naming policy framework for patient identity management. Take a look into this case study by Selena Chavis for the Sequoia Project [Link]
Rebuilding Trust in Healthcare with Leslie Kirk

Rebuilding Trust in Healthcare with Leslie Kirk

Leslie Kirk, CEO of Innsena, talked with LifeBlood Podcast about rebuilding trust in healthcare, why distrust exists, the importance of bringing business acumen to brilliant innovators, how technology both helps…

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